Hariyali Cooperative

Hariyali Cooperative is making a name for Nepal in the international tea world. Teas have grown in the Ilam district of Nepal for many decades. These teamakers have learned skills past down for generations and as a result, Hariyali has some of the most skilled teamakers in Nepal.  These craftsmen have learned to intuitively handle tea leaves, changing the crafting of various batches of tea to suit the personality of each tea field’s harvest.

The tea plants are grown at high altitude, with wonderfully fertile soil that is alive with native plants and wildflowers. The farmers of the cooperative grow with all-natural methods. 

Hariyali Cooperative is located near Mai Pokhari, a lake of great religious and natural significance. The Cooperative is led by Purna Mukhiya, whose grandparents helped establish this beautiful lake as a spiritual grounds. The name “Hariyali” is descriptive of this beautiful, vivid green landscape.