Ba Xian (Eight Immortals) Oolong

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One taste of this tea will elevate your spirits to the heavens. The leaves of this oolong are dark long and gently twisted. While it has a beautiful floral aroma, the flavor is complex and not too sweet. This perfectly balanced brew has a fragrant lingering finish.

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Ba Xian is a Dan Cong Oolong from Feng Huang in Guandong province, China. The name means literally “Eight Immortals” and refers to characters in Chinese mythology. The leaves are harvested from a strain of trees that have been selected for careful breeding as straight trunk trees. These trees have a single trunk that rises straight up and the branches form an umbrella, making harvesting the leaves particularly difficult. Pickers use tall ladders or must climb the trees to harvest the long leaves.

Brewing Instructions

Everyone experiences tea differently. These instructions are for western style brewing and are suggestions only. Adjust to your preferences and enjoy!
Tea: 2.5 grams per 6-ounce (175mL) cup.
Water: 190°F (88°C).
Steep: 3 minutes.
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