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Our Organic Kukicha is from an area about 200 km southwest of Mount Fuji, in Shizuoka. It has a clean, refreshing, and somewhat nutty taste with a lightly roasted aroma.

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2 reviews for Organic Kukicha

  1. Chad (verified owner)

    Such a perfect afternoon pick me up. My go to tea for after lunch.

    Low in caffeine but still gives a nice calm alertness and the flavor is clean, minerally (in a good way) and just overall tastes fresh, healthy and delicious.


  2. Anthony (verified owner)

    I’m really enjoying this Kukicha! It has a wonderful, sweet, sort of roasted flavor. The low caffeine is an added bonus if you’re somebody like me who enjoys drinking tea throughout the day. It’s also said to have an alkalizing effect on the body and digestion, which is a thumbs up!

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Kukicha means “stalk tea”. It consists of stems and stalks discarded in the production of Matcha, Gyokuro, and Sencha teas. It has a lower caffeine content and a unique flavor that differs from other Japanese green teas. Kukicha is sweet and high in L- Theanine as well as a variety of minerals.

Brewing Instructions

Everyone experiences tea differently. These instructions are for western style brewing and are suggestions only. Adjust to your preferences and enjoy!
Tea: 3 grams per 6-ounce (175mL) cup.
Water: 190°F (88°C).
Steep: 4 minutes.
western style what's this?gong fu style what's this?multiple steepscold brew what's this?

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