Organic Teas of the Andes Sampler


A sampling of delicious organic teas grown in a natural preserve high in the Andes mountains of Colombia. The rich volcanic soil in combination with the consistent climate near the equator produces delicate and delicious teas. We have assembled a collection of some of our favorites including Wiry Black, Leafy Green, and White Teas.

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These delightful organically grown teas are grown over 6000 ft above sea level in the Andes Mountains. The tea garden itself is located near the Bitaco Regional Forest Reserve, a protected rainforest. Agricola Himalaya Foundation produces the teas and utilizes proceeds to create educational programs for children, improve infrastructure, and increase access to technology.

Each sampler contains .5 oz of each tea in a reusable tin, enough to brew 2-3 pots.

Colombian Wiry Black is a beautiful thin wiry leaf that produces a deep copper liquor with hints of raisin and citrus.

Colombian Leafy Green has large green leaves that produce an aroma that is slightly buttery with a hint of toasted nuts.

Colombian White Tea has the bold sweet aroma and flavor of honey. The liquor is light with a clean dry finish.


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