Organic Matcha Koiai

Koiai is our highest grade ceremonial matcha. It has a rich umami flavor without bitterness and a well balanced roasted fragrance.

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Matcha is a fine powdered green tea commonly used in tea ceremonies. The young leaves are shaded from direct sunlight and steamed in the same way as Gyokuro, then turned into Tencha (non-ground leaves) by drying without rolling, and finally ground with a stone mill. Its elegant aroma and concentrated sweetness make matcha a pleasure to drink.

Brewing Instructions

Everyone experiences tea differently. These instructions are for western style brewing and are suggestions only. Adjust to your preferences and enjoy!
Tea: 1 gram per 6-ounce (175mL) cup.
Water: 160°F (71°C).
Steep: Whisk about 1 minute until frothy.
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