Oriental Beauty Bai Hao

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One of the most prized of all Formosa Oolongs also called Bai Hao or white tip. It has a distinctive muscat and honey-like flavor and a lovely copper liquor. This tea benefits from much longer steeping times, usually a full seven minutes. This tea has light tannins and astringency and a lingering dry finish.


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1 review for Oriental Beauty Bai Hao

  1. Anthony (verified owner)

    Whoa. I really liked this one. Not only is the story of how they make this tea really interesting*, but the flavor is unique for Oolongs that I’ve tried. It had a full, smooth texture that encouraged me to approach it kind of like you might take in a nice wine or scotch. It was totally drinkable nonetheless. Could definitely be an every day tea. A new favorite.

    Also, it’s very cool l that you’re encouraged to steep it for a full 7 minutes. I guess the hormone secreted by the plant during the harvesting, which undergoes a 50-70 percent oxidization process, somehow allows it to hold up. The result is pretty amazing.

    **”The taste of this tea is partly due to the effect of a tiny insect, Jacobiasca Formosana. When the plant is bitten by the insect, it defends itself by secreting a specific hormone. The aromatic potential of the hormone is then released by the intensive oxidization of the leaves.” -3rd edition, Tea: History, Terroirs, Varieties

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dōngfāng měirén (東方美人)

Named Oriental Beauty by Queen Elizabeth II, this very special tea has extremely limited production.  To produce a single pound of this tea would require 1500 – 2000 leaf sets. It is grown on in Hsinchu County near Taipei on Er Mei Mountain. The characteristic white tips come from the infestation of Jassids or Green Fly. A chemical reaction is created when the pest nibbles the edges of the leaves. This affects not only the appearance but also the flavor of the tea. It is also called Pong Hong Cha or Braggarts tea as the local legend claims that the first farmer to market the insect damaged tea reported twice the market price for his tea. Villagers refused to believe his claims of the quality of the tea. The Jassid also favors teas of Darjeeling and is said to create the muscat flavor of that tea. One can taste the similarities of character in Oriental Beauty, which tastes like a hybrid of Oolong and Darjeeling.


Brewing Instructions

Everyone experiences tea differently. These instructions are for western style brewing and are suggestions only. Adjust to your preferences and enjoy!
Tea: 3 grams per 6-ounce (175mL) cup.
Water: 190°F (88°C).
Steep: 7 minutes.
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