Victoria, Kansas City MO

I really am impressed with the tea, I geek out on the teas and herbs, so am super happy to know that you and your wife have created Zerama Tea, as I will now be able to use some of your teas in my custom blends for my clients well being! 🙌🏾

Lauren, Chicago IL

It’s funny when you think you know a little bit about something and then realize you know almost nothing! I always liked my assams and ceylons (for many years from <redacted>), and I especially like rooibos with honey when I’m sick, but your shop has been like a whole new world for me.

Eric, San Francisco CA

Whoa buddy! Super fast shipping!!! Thanks !!! This should last me a month or so, then I’ll order some more!

Angela, DeRidder LA

I have tried Darjeeling and Silver Needles. So delicious! I will be ordering again. Great customer service too ❤️

Casey, Kansas City MO

i sampled the nilgri and the organic kukicha, and as someone who’s not very adventurous with teas, i was really pleased. the ordering process was quick and simple and the teas arrived much sooner than i expected. will be ordering again!

Shelley, Woodland CA

I received my order quickly and am very pleased with the quality of the tea. I highly recommend Zerama Tea and I will definitely be purchasing from them again soon!